Month: February 2016

Ultimate Indie Playlist Part 1

A must for all Indie Lovers. Indie is perhaps my favourite genre and I cannot figure out the reason for it but I will tell you when I know. There are some things which are loved without any reason, perhaps. 🙂

Bombay Bicycle Club – You already know
. . . said love was painted gold
like all things growing old
the paint peels and slowly falls
you already know.

The Perishers – Nothing Like You and I
We spent some time
Together walking,
Spent some time just talking
About who we were.

You held my hand so
Very tightly,
And told me what we
Could be dreaming of.

The Dreamer – The tallest man on Earth
And i’m just a shadow of your thoughts in me
but sun is setting, shadows growing.
A long cast figure will turn into night,
it’s like nothing in this world ever sleeps.

Dillon – Thirteen Thirtyfive
I go running with a heart on fire.

 Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet
It’s just a cigarette and it harms your pretty lungs
Well it’s only twice a week so there’s not much of a chance
It’s just a cigarette it’ll soon be only ten
Honey, can’t you trust me? When I want to stop, I can

Damien Rice

If I had to describe Damien Rice in just a few words I would say he is the one who can make you cry, make you fall in love, make you fall out of love and then teach you a thing or two about it. I cannot even recount the number of times I have just sat on my terrace listening to his songs, staring into nothingness. It is surreal. It really is. But of course that could just be my opinion, you will have to listen to him to believe me. 🙂

Here are some of his beauties which really stayed with me, the name of the song in bold followed by some of the lyrics:

I still haven’t found what I am looking for

I have kissed honey lips,
Felt the healing in her fingertips.
It burned like fire,
This burning desire.


So why do you fill my sorrows,
With the words you’ve borrowed?
From the only place you’ve known.
And why do you sing Hallelujah?
If it means nothing to you,
Why do you sing with me at all?

I don’t want to change you

Wherever you are
Well, know that I adore you.
No matter how far
Well, I can go before you.
And if ever you need someone
Well, not that you need helping
But if ever you want someone
I know that I am willing.

Wherever you go
Well, I can always follow.
I can feed this real slow
If it’s a lot to swallow.
And if you just want to be alone
Well, I can wait without waiting
If you want me to let this go
Well, I am more than willing.

The Taxiwallahs/Autowallahs of Mumbai

This has been on the list for a very long time. It was time I write about it. In all the cities I have lived in, Mumbai has been the city where I have travelled by such varied means of public transport that it is almost crazy! Autos, taxis, ferries, metro and the local.. the monstrous journeys in the local, will come back to this later.

So in Delhi, it used to be really mechanical, you hire an auto, haggle, fight, reach your destination and pray to God that you reached the destination safely, specially if it’s a cycle-rickshaw which are mostly inspired from Fast and the Furious stunt scenes. I kid you not. They don’t use brakes, they just turn the wheel perpendicularly to stop!

In Mumbai, the first time I travelled was using a local. My father went in to men’s compartment and I went into the women’s compartment. It was really weird, women kept asking me if I had to get down at the next stop. There was space to sit and yet no one wanted to, unlike the Delhi Metro where grabbing the seat is almost like a game of Dog in the Bone!

The Auto Rickshaws run only on Meter! The best part about Mumbai. If you go and ask how much they will take to reach a certain place, they will be surprised because only the meter knows! So Mumbai is a really safe city compared to any other. I used to take rickshaws alone at 2 and 3 at night to reach back home. Once I took a rickshaw from a friend’s house to my home, it was a new route and I was dazed (due to some obvious reasons) and I just couldn’t figure out where I was going. I finally saw a familiar landmark and directed the driver. He had figured out that I wasn’t really in my senses and when he dropped me on the other side of the road, he was really concerned. He told me to get back into the auto and he took a U-turn from further down the road and dropped me at my doorstep. I was so thankful. He didn’t even ask me for extra money for taking a detour. Now tell me if this could ever happen in Delhi!

Then there are the friendly UP-Bihar taxi drivers. Trust me you can find no better entertainers once they realise you are from their hometown. I once met a Taxi-Driver who literally had a house 2 kilometre from my house in Lucknow. And her daughter went to a school right next to mine. He was so ecstatic on knowing I was from Lucknow, he almost passed through the destination he was supposed to drop us at!

All in all I have never had bad experiences, except in the local where the struggle for your life is real! Shit gets serious when you travel in a Mumbai Local. Once I was hanging by the handle bars above, LITERALLY, because the crowd was so much you couldn’t even place your feet on the ground. It felt like I had to cross a row of Monkey bars to reach the door.

Trust me, if you’re a newbie, leave early and take the bus. 😛

Jared Leto

Background song: Closer to the Edge

So this is about my teenage crush and singer and musician and actor and so much more. Not many people know but this amazing Oscar Winning actor also has a band called 30 Seconds to Mars which I have loved and adored since Eleventh Grade, thanks to a friend who introduced it to me. I was so crazy, I used to download pictures of him off the internet and make it my wallpaper and even put it up as my cover picture on FB. I have been obsessed with several such figures until it all ended suddenly.

So what about him?

Well he’s most definitely one of the most amazing musicians around and his videos really talk to you. They are so powerful and creative, I am just dying to see him live someday. Not just his videos, but even the instrumental music the band creates is beyond awesome. You must check out some of his videos. Here are some of my favourite ones:


You must have seen him in Dallas Buyers’ Club and I need not delve upon his amazing performance in that movie. Another great movie you should watch, if you haven’t yet, is ‘Requiem for a Dream’. The following is not an official trailer but it will give you an idea. And also, if you loved Trainspotting, you will definitely like this one!

Moving on, it’s hard to comprehend how one person can manifest so many different kinds of talents. And here we are, trying to sort out life, to appreciate and respect those who manage to get so far, and sometimes be a little jealous too. Having said that, I cannot wait for Suicide Squad to come out. I am sure he will make Ledger proud! 😀

Writer’s block

It is time I acknowledge it and tell you that that time is here. I can no more write. Needless to say, that is the reason I haven’t been updating this blog. Another reason for the same is that I am being forced to write scripts and tests forcibly for interviews and opportunities elsewhere. They take up all my energy and I am left with nothing to write. Any leads on how to solve this problem are welcome. It’s getting harder by the day. And the worst feeling is that I can’t write even when I want to. I do write the title and a few words and then I get lost. You won’t know how bad it is until it happens to you. I am sure there are a million other kinds of blocks that people face everyday. So maybe, you already know. 😛