Angry Indian Goddesses

If you haven’t watched the movie, go watch it now. Because seldom does Bollywood make so much sense! 😛 This post is about the music in the movie that has caught my fantasy.
Here are the hilarious lyrics.

Teri teenage umariya,
Ladaaye nazariya,
Teri teenage umariya,
Zero figuriya,

Galliyon se jaaye,
Mera dil lalchaye,

Tu dikhta hai singham,
Mere pehle you don’t come,
Tu dikhta hai singham,
Hone de sangam,
Chipku badan se jaise ho chewing gum,

Main aayi leke aas,
Par na bujhe meri pyaas,
Mera dil dola re,

Mera pyar atom bomb,
Ashiqon ka nikle dum,
Mera dil dola re,

Main hun chori no.1,
Babua stop making fun,
Mera dil dola re,

Chal hatt..
Chal muye..
Aaye haaye,

Kayi lene aaye the,
Kayi lene aayenge,
Meri thokar khakar rote jayenge,

Koi churan khata hai,
Koi tonic pita hai,
Par mere saath na koi jeeta hai,

Dikhta na koi,
Gabru jo de de,

Dikhta na koi,
Gabru jo de de,
Mere jism ko,
Passion ka lesson,

Main aayi leke aas,
Par na bujhe meri pyaas,
Mera dil dola re,

Mera pyar atom bomb,
Ashiqon ka nikle dum,
Mera dil dola re,

Main hun chori no.1,
Babua stop making fun,
Mera dil dola re!

The song takes a hilarious take at men who are not able to please women. A woman is expressing her sexuality by asking her partner to perform better and she is also making jabs and taunts at him which will definitely bring a smile to your face. It is amazing how they have tried to capture the lesser talked about side of sexuality which is a woman’s perspective in this song. It is the female gaze coming into action who demands just another basic right which is more than often either taboo-ed or forgotten by half of the world. The word play will tell you, she isn’t afraid of resorting to other means to please herself since she has been searching for a very long time and no one has come up to the mark.

Kuch Ban Jaate Hain

Going through the channel ‘Hindi Kavita’ on YouTube today, I came across another gem. Credits again to Varun Grover. This was one of the poems he wanted to make into a song in the movie ‘Masaan’, but for some reason couldn’t. It is beautiful nevertheless. If somebody could find/give an english translation, that would be amazing.

Hindi Transcription:

Ignore the spelling mistakes, if any, this is my first time typing in Hindi 😛

तुम मिश्री की डली बन जाओ
मैं दूध बन जाता हूँ
तुम मुझमें घुल जाओ |

तुम ढाई साल की बच्ची बन जाओ
मैं मिश्री घुला दूध हूँ मीठा
मुझे एक साँस में पी जाओ |

अब मैं मैदान हूँ
तुम्हारे सामने दूर तक फैला हुआ |
मुझमें दौड़ो | मैं पहाड़ हूँ |
मेरे कंधों पर चढ़ो और फिसलो |
मैं सेमल का पेड़ हूँ
मुझे ज़ोर ज़ोर से झकझोरो और
मेरी रूई को हवा की तमाम परतों में
बादलों के छोटे छोटे टुकड़ो की तरह
उड़ जाने दो |

ऐसा करता हूँ की मैं
अखरोट बन जाता हूँ |
तुम उसे चुरा लो
और किसी कोने में छुपकर
चुपचाप उसे तोडो |

गेहूँ का दाना बन जाता हूँ मैं
तुम धूप बन जाओ
मिट्टी-हवा-पानी बन कर मुझे उगाओ
मेरे भीतर के रिक्त कोषों में
लुक्का छिप्पि खेलो
या कोपल होकर
मेरी किसी भी गाँठ से
कहीं से भी तुरंत फूट जाओ |

तुम अंधेरा बन जाओ
मैं बिल्ली बनकर दबे पावं चलूँगा चोरी चोरी |

क्यूँ ना ऐसा करें
की मैं चीनी मिट्टी का प्याला बन जाता हूँ
और तुम तश्तरी
और हम कहीं से गिर कर
एक साथ टूट जाते हैं सुबह सुबह |

या मैं गुब्बारा बनता हूँ
नीले रंग का |
तुम उसके भीतर की हवा बन कर फैलो
और बीच आकाश में मेरे साथ फुट जाओ |

या फिर ऐसा करते हैं
की हम कुछ और बन जाते हैं |

Playlist for the Month

  1. Raat Raazi by Prateek Kuhad – Soulful, beautiful and so simple yet touching. If you haven’t heard any songs by him I strongly recommend listening to it.
  2. Tuntuna by Shamoon Ismail – I really wonder why singers like him don’t get enough praise. This is again an amazing song with an unusual fusion of punjabi folk music and blues. Give it a try. The lines will steal your heart.
  3. Matargashti – This song from Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming movie is peppy and will make you stand on your feet and shake a little. The playfulness in the lyrics is aptly portrayed in the video of the song!
  4. Agar Tum Saath Ho – Ladies and Gentleman, we have the best romantic song of the year right here! Yes, it is true! A. R. Rahman has worked his magic once again! 🙂
  5. Khoya Khoya Chand (The Bartender Mix) – The video has the cast of Shaitan. It is a “jazzy” remix of the old song by the same name but if you liked Hawa Hawai, you will definitely like this. 🙂

Community Radio: Against Misogyny

For an assignment we had to script edit and present shows that could be aired over Community Radio. We (Aditi S., Shreya K. and me) took up the topic of misogyny in India and framed a fictional story which revolved around a journalist named Minky who travels around different cities in India and confronts the various faces of misogyny and patriarchy. We called it Radio SASS. Meanwhile do listen to the advertisements we made and interspersed in the show. These ads are basically a sarcastic take on issues like honour killing, female infanticide, patriarchy, etc. by introducing fictional products which can cure a woman and make her the ‘ideal’ woman.

An A to Z of Movies

Here is trying to list movie(s) from each alphabet that I have seen (sometimes the first one that comes to my mind) and I have loved! Fun exercise no? 😀

A – American Beauty/American Psycho

B – Brave/Batman Begins

C – Charlie’s Angles’/The Castway

D – Death Race/Dallas Buyers’ Club

E – Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

F – Fight Club

G – Grave of the Fireflies

H – Her

I – Irreversible

J – Jumanji

K – (The) Kite Runner

L – (The) Lives of Others

M – My Neighbour Totoro

N – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

O – On the Road

P – (The) Pursuit of Happyness/Paranormal Activity

Q – Quantum of Solace

R – Ratatouille

S – Seven Pounds/(The) Shawshank Redemption

T – The Terminal

U – Underworld: Evolution

V – Vicki Cristina Barcelona

W – Wreck it Ralph

X – X-Men: First Class

Y – Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

Z – Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara

P.S.: I didn’t refer to the internet even once to find any, and these were the first ones that came to my mind. Had the hardest time with ‘O’, ‘T’ and ‘V’. Maybe a short review will follow later.

Lyrics Part 2

Today I will be translating the song “Tu Kisi Rail Si” from one of my most loved movies: Masaan. Coincidentally this one is also sung by Swanand Kirkire and the lyrics are from a poem by Dushyant Kumar.  have also taken help from Varun Grover’s translation of it.

The lyrics go like:

Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai
Main kisi pull sa thartharaata hoon.

You cross like a train and I am your bridge.
And when you cross you reverberate in me.

Tu bhale ratti bhar na sunti ho
Main tera naam budbudaata hoon

Even if you don’t pay heed,
I keep murmuring your name.

Kisi lambe safar ki raaton mein
Tujhe alaav sa jalaata hoon.

On those cold nights of long journeys,
I burn your memories for warmth.

Kaath ke taaley hain,
aankh pe daale hain,
Unmein ishaaron ki chaabiyaan laga.

The locks that the world has used,
to sheild my eyes;
Use your keys of gestures to unlock them

Raat jo baaki hai
shaam se taaki hai
neeyat mein thodi kharaabiyaan laga.

The night is yet to get over,
since evening I have been waiting,
let us have a little fun, let’s be a little sly.

Main hoon paani ke bulbule jaisa
Tujhe sochoon toh phoot jaata hoon.

I’m like a water bubble,
When I think about you, I cease to exist.
As your thought crosses, my mind touches me and I cease to be.

Lyrics Part 1

I have always been intrigued by songs in other languages. When one of my friends translated a Malayalam song (Kerala, India) into Hindi, I realised how much is lost in translation. The film makers had not even made the effort to translate it in the true sense when they dubbed into Hindi. They just used whatever would conveniently fit the new tune. Even though what I am going to write further is unrelated, this was something that inspired me to begin a new series: to translate Hindi songs into English and to see what I can make of them. It’s more of an exercise for myself.

(P.S.: the Malayalam song that my friend translated was “Dil hai chhota sa”, I don’t remember the Malayalam version now, but it sure was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard)

The song that I chose for part 1 was “Monta Re” from Lootera. Even though the song is a mix of Hindi and Bengali, it’s mostly Hindi. So here it goes…

Kaagaz ke do pankh le kar, udda chala jaaye re…

Jahan nahi jaana tha ye wahin chala haay re…

Umar ka ye taana baana…

Samajh na paaye re…

Zubaan pe jo moh maaya…

Namak lagaaye re…

Ke dekhe na bhaale na jaane na daayre…

Disha Hara kyamun boka… Monta re…


It flew away with two wings made of paper…

It went away where it wasn’t supposed to go…

Neither does it understand the norms of age…

Nor does it get attracted to the worldly pleasures…

which leave a lingering taste on its tongue…

It is directionless, it doesn’t look, it doesn’t understand… My crazy, silly, mad, Heart

I just realised everything got lost in translation. It can never live up to its true essence. Nevertheless listen to the song because the music is beautiful! I guess this series will have to end here itself. 😛