A few good things – Part 1


Desperate times need desperate measures. Here is an attempt to add some good vibes in my day by counting my blessings. 😛

  • A beautiful yellow colored butterfly that flew by my windshield while I was listening to Ek Chaand.

  • A man bumped into a woman. They apologized and moved on. The woman blushed.
  • A child ran excitedly after the auto in which his friend was sitting. The friend had his hand stretched out. He got in. They drove away laughing.
  • This video I found on Reddit that gave me goosebumps!

75th Blog Post/Diamond/Stream of Consciousness

As regular followers (I know there aren’t any) one would be able to find certain trends in my blog. I have decided to make all the 25-50-75-th posts about the blog and in general about writing. The 50th one was about writing and this one is about writing in a stream of consciousness way. For those who don’t know, Stream of Consciousness is an uninterrupted flow of ideas, it’s like you write whatever comes to your mind, unedited. It’s your feelings, thoughts, emotions in a continuous flow. So that reminds me of when I was a kid and used to write in my journal, I used this technique wherein I wrote a word and then another word that came to my mind on writing the previous word and so on. This was basically a recounting of my daily experiences and life in general and you won’t believe but till this day I remember the whole thought process behind each and every word and also how it led me to the next word. Surprisingly, I didn’t even know about the concept of Stream of Consciousness then, but aren’t all these concepts just ordinary processes until somebody gives them a name.So since this is the 75th post, you know how it is marked by diamonds, as in it is termed The Diamond Anniversary or something, so this is my diamond post(?), uninterrupted, unedited, straight from the heart. What comes to my mind first when I think about diamonds is that night when we went to a waterfall (Bhagsunag in McLeodganj). It was completely dark, like it is in forests and in the mountains. We couldn’t see a thing, there was just faint moonlight and the shining dark water below us. We tried to click pictures with those handy digicams people use and the flash was on. To our surprise when the flash clicked, the million water droplets of the waterfall shone like diamonds falling towards us. Words can’t do justice to that moment, it was too beautiful to be true. We kept on clicking pictures just to see those water droplets/diamonds. I was thinking about Sylvia Plath today, I think I also dreamt of her yesterday night. maybe because I saw a book of hers in a friend’s bookshelf yesterday. I have been having bad dreams for a while now. I assume that bad dreams mean the opposite in real life so I don’t get worried. Doesn’t it happen to you too that when you see someone’s bookshelf, you can’t sit back until you have seen and noted each and every book on it. Maybe if you’re not a book lover, that might not happen with you, but I am sure whatever you’re passionate about must drive you crazy in the same way. I personally can’t resist scanning each and every book. I read everything and anything that I can put my hands upon. I just CANNOT DO NOTHING! That is also how my habit of reading books started. When I was realllly young, we used to visit the doctor a lot, maybe because of my asthma or maybe because of something that was ailing my parents at the moment but I remember some beautifully illustrated childrens’ books lying there and I could never ever resist reading them. I always finished one or two when I went there and that is where it all started. I have definitely come a long way from there. It’s what they say right, whatever happens, happens for the best! ❤



Journal Writing/Blog Post 50

I have been writing and maintaining a journal since I was in class seven. It has been my favourite hobby but also very infrequent, there were times when I would write everyday and times when I wouldn’t write for months. Through this blog I just wanted to continue my habit in the digital space and even though it as not as personal as I would want it to be I try my best to be as genuine as possible. Until now, I have lived up to the promise of writing one post everyday and I very proudly present here my fiftieth post!

Memories of journal writing:

There was a time when I was extremely introverted and shy. My journal used to be my best friend. It sounds sad but trust me it wasn’t. Obviously I had many more friends but some things are meant to be kept to yourself. There were times when a friend who wanted to know me better would ask me to read out from the pages of my journal and I reluctantly did so, editing bits here and there. I have definitely come a long way from there. From being so introverted and shy to someone who is ready to let it all go and to show the world who she really is.

This is just the beginning! ❤

The Process of Writing

Most of you might not know it but when I started this blog I made a mid-year resolution to write atleast one piece everyday. I was on a loss these last few days as to what to write. Sometimes I think that the amount that a single person thinks in a day multiplied by the number of people must just be infinite. Does it mean that every thought has already been thought? Nothing new has been left to discover? Maybe whatever I am thinking and writing has been framed in exactly the same manner in someone else’s blog, journal, mind, etc.
The method I employ to write everyday is to choose something out of the ordinary that happened during the day and pick up that thread and start writing. This works most of the times bit sometimes it is just too random to make sense. The best part now is that when I write all this on a public blog, I have people who can guide me towards making more sense. Earlier, whatever I wrote was for myself but now I want to reach out to more people. I realise it is more effective as a method of introspection than writing for myself and definitely more productive. Also, the number of likes and follows I get for a particular post also tells me what kind of writing is good and what is not.
I am in the process of writing a dissertation and guidance for me, is extremely helpful.

Of days gone by, Journal writing.

Of days gone by, Journal writing.


What Perfect looks like!

Give me your memories,
I’ll put them in a jar.
I’ll mix some love
And add some happiness.

I’ll do the same
And give you a jar of mine.
Take out the thorns,
But leave some bitterness.

When we mix them together,
It would look what PERFECT looks like.

Clicked this picture ages ago. Somehow suits the lines. Yay! :)

Clicked this picture ages ago. Somehow suits the lines. Yay! 🙂

Finding Vivian Maiers

Another documentary on art that I watched today.

This intriguing documentary shuttles from New York to France to Chicago as it traces the life story of the late Vivian Maier, a career nanny whose previously unknown cache of 100,000 photographs has earned her a posthumous reputation as one of America’s most accomplished and insightful street photographers. (Credits: http://www.vivianmaier.com/)

You must visit http://www.vivianmaier.com/ to see her amazing work and be enchanted by it. It has everything that a good photograph wants. Good framing, a little humour, tragedy, uniqueness, sense of lighting, in short, just everything. The mystery of Vivian Maier’s died with her but thanks to John Maloof, her art was preserved. It took him so much effort and hard work to get her work recognised and the extent to which he went to find out her history was truly appreciable.

Here is one of my favourite photographs from her collection.

Credits: Vivian Maiers

Credits: Vivian Maiers

There is a story that every photograph tells. I cannot repeat enough. You must must check it out!

365 Happy Posts

Borrowing from Instagram, here’s a mid year resolution. I will try and post a new post everyday. If due to some reasons I miss out on any day, compensations will be made. I guess two days have already been covered. Yay! 😀

Happy reading! Ciao 🙂

Here's a random picture of a street near Flora Fountain. Because it is one of my favourite places in Mumbai.

Here’s a random picture of a street near Flora Fountain. Because it is one of my favourite places in Mumbai.