Everyone’s a host?

I binge watched 6 episodes of Black Mirror just a few weeks ago and I wasn’t ready for Westworld at all! This, everyone, is the golden age of Sci-Fi, I believe. We are a selfie-taking, thumbs-stuck-to-keypad, eyes-stuck-to-the-screen generation of people. Even when we are having the best time of our lives without technology, we are constantly thinking of updating it on our social media. Are we at the verge of an apocalypse? That’s what these shows seem to say in any case and  they seem so close to reality that it’s unnerving.

Black Mirror with its first episode “Nosedive” talks about how people are judged by the “likes” and the ratings they have online! The ending will make you question every social media presence you have and the reason for it.

I will not delve into the further episodes but if there is something you should watch right now it’s this one show!

Coming to Westworld,I just binge watched through the seven episodes that have already aired and I don’t know how many are yet to come but I AM HOOKED! And also, welcome Anthony Hopkins! YAY! Jurassic Park was nothing in comparison to what this nightmare by Crichton holds in store for you. Thrilling, enchanting and to say the least, engaging. I have been going through every Post Episode Discussion Thread on Reddit after every episode and literally gaping at the theories that people have. It will make you question what is real and what isn’t? This is one show that I am really really looking forward to following through till the end. I just hope it doesn’t end up being like LOST.


Jared Leto

Background song: Closer to the Edge

So this is about my teenage crush and singer and musician and actor and so much more. Not many people know but this amazing Oscar Winning actor also has a band called 30 Seconds to Mars which I have loved and adored since Eleventh Grade, thanks to a friend who introduced it to me. I was so crazy, I used to download pictures of him off the internet and make it my wallpaper and even put it up as my cover picture on FB. I have been obsessed with several such figures until it all ended suddenly.

So what about him?

Well he’s most definitely one of the most amazing musicians around and his videos really talk to you. They are so powerful and creative, I am just dying to see him live someday. Not just his videos, but even the instrumental music the band creates is beyond awesome. You must check out some of his videos. Here are some of my favourite ones:


You must have seen him in Dallas Buyers’ Club and I need not delve upon his amazing performance in that movie. Another great movie you should watch, if you haven’t yet, is ‘Requiem for a Dream’. The following is not an official trailer but it will give you an idea. And also, if you loved Trainspotting, you will definitely like this one!

Moving on, it’s hard to comprehend how one person can manifest so many different kinds of talents. And here we are, trying to sort out life, to appreciate and respect those who manage to get so far, and sometimes be a little jealous too. Having said that, I cannot wait for Suicide Squad to come out. I am sure he will make Ledger proud! 😀


Thanks to SK, I was introduced to this amazing Belgian singer and songwriter. Each and every song of his that I have heard until now (the ones with subtitles) are beautiful. Not just the music, but the video the story and the message behind it all. He is creating quite a rage in America right now with his concerts. He is definitely one of those musicians that you can’t afford to miss.

The first song that you should listen to is Papaoutai. I was going through his wikipedia page and it says that his father was mostly absent during his childhood, until he died in 1994. This song I guess is expressing the pain he went through because of his absence and you do feel his pain as well while watching the video. The instances when he witnesses boys of his age playing with their fathers and he unsuccessfully tries to do the same, until the point when he hallucinates that he actually has come to life.

The second video is Carmen. This video is an apt critique of social networking, specifically Twitter. How his life changes and goes downhill because of his addiction to Twitter. All his relationships die and ultimately the ‘twitter bird’ leads him to his doom. The music creates a feeling of dystopia and will make you question our consumerist society and the world in general.

The third one is perhaps the best video and song of his. It’s about cancer and it plays on the lines “Quand C’est?” (When is it?), the word phonetically is similar to the pronounciation of the word “cancer”. It is amazing how he uses these techniques and plays with language to reach across a wider audience.

Last but not the least is the song, “Tous Les Memes”. Stromae himself plays the role of a woman and a man, and even though it’s an old age technique, he executes the roles so damn well it’s crazy! All his videos have some sort of conclusion and message that really make you think! I still have to completely decipher this one, given that the subtitles aren’t on the mark.

Community Radio: Against Misogyny

For an assignment we had to script edit and present shows that could be aired over Community Radio. We (Aditi S., Shreya K. and me) took up the topic of misogyny in India and framed a fictional story which revolved around a journalist named Minky who travels around different cities in India and confronts the various faces of misogyny and patriarchy. We called it Radio SASS. Meanwhile do listen to the advertisements we made and interspersed in the show. These ads are basically a sarcastic take on issues like honour killing, female infanticide, patriarchy, etc. by introducing fictional products which can cure a woman and make her the ‘ideal’ woman.

“Bombay-70” and Indian Eminems

I watched the most amazing documentary today, even though a very short one. We had a presentation today in which we had to present our proposal for the next documentary that we will be working upon and we came across these amazing Mumbai rappers from the area popularly called Bombay-70 during research for the same. I was blown away by the amount of talent that these people have. Their music is now being produced by SONY Music so trust me, they should be taken seriously. Their raps are based on their lives, the lives that they have lived in these slums. It is so adorable how as a kid he fell into bad company and once even went to jail but then one day he realised that he could do better and he started writing. They grew up in slums and had almost no access to resources and yet were dedicated enough to do something for the society through their art. When he got hold of an I-Pad, given to him by his father, he started shooting and putting up videos and then there was no looking back for him.

Here is the short documentary about the rapper Naezy followed by some raps by him.

P.S. (Spoilers Ahead): After watching the movie, I was just lost for words. The part where her mother tells about his son writing rap and how people confused it with rape was just hilarious. Now, since we are working on a movie around carrom clubs, which are an integral part of Mumbai, we look forward to doing something like this for our movie as well. The use of the language is just spectacular. The part where he talks about the change in language from English to whatever the common lingo was so thoughtful. I am in love with Naezy, I am sure you will love him too. 🙂

An A to Z of Movies

Here is trying to list movie(s) from each alphabet that I have seen (sometimes the first one that comes to my mind) and I have loved! Fun exercise no? 😀

A – American Beauty/American Psycho

B – Brave/Batman Begins

C – Charlie’s Angles’/The Castway

D – Death Race/Dallas Buyers’ Club

E – Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

F – Fight Club

G – Grave of the Fireflies

H – Her

I – Irreversible

J – Jumanji

K – (The) Kite Runner

L – (The) Lives of Others

M – My Neighbour Totoro

N – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

O – On the Road

P – (The) Pursuit of Happyness/Paranormal Activity

Q – Quantum of Solace

R – Ratatouille

S – Seven Pounds/(The) Shawshank Redemption

T – The Terminal

U – Underworld: Evolution

V – Vicki Cristina Barcelona

W – Wreck it Ralph

X – X-Men: First Class

Y – Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

Z – Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara

P.S.: I didn’t refer to the internet even once to find any, and these were the first ones that came to my mind. Had the hardest time with ‘O’, ‘T’ and ‘V’. Maybe a short review will follow later.

Documentary Fever


Poster for Ai Weiwei

images (1)

Poster for Waste Land

So today after a long time we had our Visual Media class and hence I have stuff to write. We were shown two movies: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry and Wasteland.

Must watch documentaries for art and culture enthusiasts! I need not give you the summary since

you will easily find it anywhere. I will just talk about some things that struck me.

Ai Weiwei is a beautiful and intriguing documentary about the struggle of a Chinese artist and activist. He beautifully expresses the need for individualism in his art. The thing that struck me the most was the destruction of neo-lithic vases by him. It was really intriguing because when someone commented on how it happens everyday when the world destruct something or the other, I realised that how even culture is a social construct. It doesn’t matter if we destruct something that’s really old and antique because what we are destroying today could also be antique some day if preserved.

Then there was this other movie, Wasteland made on the art of Vik Muniz. I am sure anyone who watches the movie would be struck by the character of the old man and his quote that “Ninety nine can never be hundred.” What I gathered from it was that you either give your all or it is thing at all. To get something you want, this is the least minimum you are expected to do but then there is again the fact that this least minimum actually demands perfection that is hundred!

Where does inspiration come from?

I came across some amazing videos on Wong Fu Productions and I must say, a lot of thought must have gone into making such short yet amazing videos. This video, in general, is one of my favourites because of the way in which it puts across its idea.

There is a writer sitting on steps, writing a story and he comes across a girl picking something fallen on the steps. He asks her what she’s doing. She gets startled and is surprised at being noticed. Then she tells him her story. She talks about the ‘stream of consciousness’ and how the mind flits from one thought to another several times in the span of a few seconds. Her job was to collect all those wandering thoughts and memories that people leave behind in their hurry, and puts them in a glass jar. On being asked what she does with them, she tells him that they would be lost forever if she doesn’t hold on to them and when the time is right she will return them. It’s her when you are reminded of an old thought or feeling but people want to let go of some thoughts and its her who preserves them. Then she demonstrates how a lost thought combined with a lost memory gives birth to… a new idea… inspiration. 🙂

I don’t think I could have framed this in a better way.

Please go watch this short movie and others by Wong Fu Productions. You will love it.