Lost and Found

I haven’t written on the blog for a really long time but finding this treasure forced me to write again. I am a sucker for cheesy videos and if they are couples with great animation and even better music, my day is made! This channel has several such videos and I just cannot wait to go back home and binge watch all of them.

For the time being, watch this and relive the charm of UP (sort of).

There is something about older couples that just makes you go ‘Aww’. It’s beautiful how the little elements keep popping up and all of those tiny things merge in the end to form a beautiful story. All the while it left me wondering about what’s going to happen and the end was the best it could possibly be. ❤

To find love in objects of affection is one thing, but to make love grow through them is completely another.


Sober Notes 8: Home

When my words became another brick in the wall that you built between us,

I realized it was time to find a new home.


It’s one of the best short movies I have watched in a very long time. And trust me, it will make you shed a few tears – minimum. The narration – beautiful beyond words, the music – so touching, the story – very natural. This movie will make you regret all those moments when you wasted time being upset with your loved ones.

The love for Bombay, it’s little stories, hidden in every nook and corner, specially in it’s lifeline – comes out through the narration. I looked up the director and there was a quote by him which said “We don’t live in Mumbai, Mumbai lives in us.”

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It’s presentation is what really appealed to me. It really reminds you of the era of Charlie Chaplin, and more recently of the movie ‘The Artist’. It’s good to see Indian movies experimenting with this form. Royal Stag, you are doing some good work. 😛

Random Notes: Winters

Winters are here. The much awaited winters. There’s this chill in the air which induces a smell in the trees and the leaves such that however much you breathe in, it is never enough. The smell of winter, the smell of mist and the smell of dewdrops. They should totally make a perfume of the same.

Lost and Found

Night time Musings.

Night time Musings.

In the process of finding myself,
I found you.
Now it remains to be found,
Whether the search is over, or not?

Sober Notes

In the warmth of your arms, I will find my summer.
In the moistness of your lips, I will find my rain.
In the colours of your eyes, I will find my autumn.
In the coldness of my voice, you will find the winter of it all.

High Notes

And the river said stop but the mountains said no. Or was it the other way round. Whatever it was, a valley was born. The clouds sinked in and formed a crown. The snow fell down to be their blanket. The fishes dived in to make their homes. The trees grew longer and greener and left a path. The human could follow and reach the place, the mortals call heaven.

Fiction smothered life

Because writing is all about appreciating others and getting inspired. 🙂

midnight clamour

she believed that somewhere across the darkness kissed void of the universe lived someone who would brave the cosmic rays just to love her..

she was never stalked by the feeling of absence of a friend as fictional characters flirted with her every night..and,although her room was barely 100 sq. feet,however she found her world inside the old wooden bookshelf which stood in the corner of the dilapidated room,the yellow pages in it were dying yet,it kept her alive..

Yes, like her, each one of us are just an omnibus of the books we have fallen in love with!



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Terribly Tiny Tales

My attempt at some terribly tiny tales, for the done to death theme: #love.

  • One couldn’t express, the other couldn’t repress. Love took it’s toll. Now they sit amidst a heap of ups and downs, life all messed up.
  • She let him in, he took her heart. Another helped join the pieces left behind. His own shattered pieces joined with hers to make a whole.
  • She said he was mad. He said love was madness. She had her apprehensions but, in the end, he drove her mad as well.

    Attempt at Calligraphy. #Fail

    Attempt at Calligraphy. #Fail