On food

So I have been really busy for the last few days. Going out with friends, drinking, etc. Happy Friendship Day by the way, if you believe in all this. Went out with friends for a meal today. I had Mutton with slow cooked Yoghurt and Saffron Gravy with Tawa Paranthas and Chappatis. It was a Bengali restaurant named Boda in Mumbai and I have to say it is ne of the best mutton dishes I have ever had. It tasted like home. 🙂

I swear I wasn’t much of a foodie before this, but it could be because of the background I have had. No one in my family is obsessed with food. They believe in eating plain and simple food, neither many spices, nor much oil. Sometimes I wish I had grown up in a place where I was exposed to a more diverse culture. Not that I despise whatever I have now but being exposed to another culture is always a delight. I guess shifting from one place to another compensated for that. It all comes back to the same thing, I don’t want to visit a place to know about it, I want to live there!

It is amazing how a simple thing like food leads to the unfurling of such a vast thread of information. But isn’t food one of the basic necessities of life and so, extremely important? I guess every civilisation is described to an extent by the kind of food they make. People spend years perfecting this art and I must say, this is one of the most underrated kinds of art.

I am digressing way too much now but isn’t it what this is all about! I would really like to mention a few movies here which you must watch if you love food:

  • Ratatouille: Pixar works its magic yet again!
  • No Reservations: Even though food is not the main theme, it will work as something much more bigger, as love and so much more. Well don’t they say, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomachs.
  • Chef: A light-hearted movie about a literal journey, of a chef and his food-truck.
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi: My love for Japanese culture will find repeated mentions in this blog. This beautiful documentary will show you the efforts that a person could make to achieve perfection!
  • Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs: Another animated comic movie about food and as the title suggests. The impossible imagination of a filmmaker turning into reality
    A Poster of Ratatouille

    A Poster of Ratatouille


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