The Process of Writing

Most of you might not know it but when I started this blog I made a mid-year resolution to write atleast one piece everyday. I was on a loss these last few days as to what to write. Sometimes I think that the amount that a single person thinks in a day multiplied by the number of people must just be infinite. Does it mean that every thought has already been thought? Nothing new has been left to discover? Maybe whatever I am thinking and writing has been framed in exactly the same manner in someone else’s blog, journal, mind, etc.
The method I employ to write everyday is to choose something out of the ordinary that happened during the day and pick up that thread and start writing. This works most of the times bit sometimes it is just too random to make sense. The best part now is that when I write all this on a public blog, I have people who can guide me towards making more sense. Earlier, whatever I wrote was for myself but now I want to reach out to more people. I realise it is more effective as a method of introspection than writing for myself and definitely more productive. Also, the number of likes and follows I get for a particular post also tells me what kind of writing is good and what is not.
I am in the process of writing a dissertation and guidance for me, is extremely helpful.

Of days gone by, Journal writing.

Of days gone by, Journal writing.

Alsoooo, what happened out of the ordinary today? I rode a ferris wheel. We, that is me and a few friends, were out to recce for a documentary we are going to make and there was a small fair right next to the locality we were visiting. What could be better than encountering a brightly lit ferris wheel on your way back home. We couldn’t resist and bought three tickets immediately; only to realise how scared I was. It got better and all in all we had fun. A dose of fun and surprises everyday keeps me happy. 😀

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