Trip to Udupi

I am on the train journey back to Mumbai from my trip in Udupi and I am pretty sure I have never had such a scenic view from the train window in any of my previous train journeys. I just crossed a board saying ‘Gopi River’ and the train went over a bridge with the said river running below it. The quaint river with pristine water so pure that you could clearly see the bed below it.

The grass and fields are extraordinarily green, the kind of green that I haven’t seen in a long while and the paths are the completely opposite hue of dark and rusty red. There are backwaters along the Konkan coast appearing after every few minutes with colorful boats either standing on the shore or with fisherman at work who are putting out their nets for the day.

There are several year old huts with slanting tiled roofs that remind you of a village straight out of the pages of Malgudi Days. They have huge verandahs and the doors are always open like any other friendly hamlet. There are a few newly built houses as well painted in bright red, orange and sometimes even yellow. Though they would have looked put of place anywhere else, here they compliment the greenery around.


Golden Udupi Sunsets, don’t mind the angle… clicked while on a moving scooty. 😛

There are tall coconut trees, framing the sky with its beautiful leaves and towering over the water like a shield from the pretty sky above. The sunset is pink which slowly fades into violet hues. There are small patches of water puddles which reflect the sky. It feels like pieces of the sky have fallen to the earth and all I want to do now is get off the train at some quite little unknown but beautiful station where crescent shaped leaves cover the ground near the fences, to sit amidst the green grass under one of those coconut trees, reading, sipping coconut water, having fried fish and sailing on one of those boats towards the end of the horizon where the sun is sinking!



The Leaf(?) Book

Inspired from Ai Weiwei’s Black cover book, our visual design teacher told us to make a book of our own. Something that would provoke thought, something that you can’t express to the world otherwise. Call it shortage of time or whatever, but I decided to use poetry/writing from my blog to make the book, also considering the fact that this blog is a pretty private affair, not many people whom I am close with know about it. So just the poetry wasn’t enough. I decided to couple it with art, i.e. paper cuts that I could manage. Here is the first page, also why I call it the Leaf Book.

Cover page

Cover page

I found this leaf outside college and safely placed it between the pages of a book. It was really beautiful how each and every vein of it was visible, I wonder how that happens.

Page 1 and 2: Rain and Winter/ Water and Air

Page 1 and 2: Rain and Winter/ Water and Air

So I decided to write about the four elements and four seasons because I find them really inspiring. I wrote the passage while I was sitting at Marine Drive alone one night, the passage on Height, I wrote while I was sitting on the water tank on my terrace and listening to music, again on another night.

Page 3 and 4: Sun and Moon/ Day and Night

Page 3 and 4: Sun and Moon/ Day and Night

This passage was also written on a night while contemplating love and hate…

Page 5 and 6: Fire and Earth/ Summer and Spring

Page 5 and 6: Fire and Earth/ Summer and Spring

The passage on the left page was written after a fight with a loved one, and the one on the right was written in considerably opposite circumstances.

So that’s the explanation for MY LEAF BOOK! The papercutting took a lot of time, especially the spring page. You can clearly see what each season and element means to me. Nature has always been a strong inspiration in my life. Ever after I started travelling by myself, the mountains have held some kind of magic for me that compels me to write, and also the serenity and silence of nature. These are just some of the products of that inspiration. ❤

Lyrics Part 2

Today I will be translating the song “Tu Kisi Rail Si” from one of my most loved movies: Masaan. Coincidentally this one is also sung by Swanand Kirkire and the lyrics are from a poem by Dushyant Kumar.  have also taken help from Varun Grover’s translation of it.

The lyrics go like:

Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai
Main kisi pull sa thartharaata hoon.

You cross like a train and I am your bridge.
And when you cross you reverberate in me.

Tu bhale ratti bhar na sunti ho
Main tera naam budbudaata hoon

Even if you don’t pay heed,
I keep murmuring your name.

Kisi lambe safar ki raaton mein
Tujhe alaav sa jalaata hoon.

On those cold nights of long journeys,
I burn your memories for warmth.

Kaath ke taaley hain,
aankh pe daale hain,
Unmein ishaaron ki chaabiyaan laga.

The locks that the world has used,
to sheild my eyes;
Use your keys of gestures to unlock them

Raat jo baaki hai
shaam se taaki hai
neeyat mein thodi kharaabiyaan laga.

The night is yet to get over,
since evening I have been waiting,
let us have a little fun, let’s be a little sly.

Main hoon paani ke bulbule jaisa
Tujhe sochoon toh phoot jaata hoon.

I’m like a water bubble,
When I think about you, I cease to exist.
As your thought crosses, my mind touches me and I cease to be.

The Sea

The sea has a million stories to tell, all you need is to take out the time to hear. The waves of feelings and emotions sweep you away like the water sweeps the shore. All you need is to spare a moment of solitude. The sea will make you its own and you could embrace it as yours, all you need is to open your heart and let it all go.

A slice of time

A slice of time

A slice of time. Credits: Myself

I clicked this picture almost exactly a year back for my assignment. The assignment was a photo essay on whatever theme I wanted. Since it was the monsoon season, I thought what other theme could be better than water. I took pictures of water droplets, reflections on water, condensed water droplets on windows and I even dropped water in a huge glass bowl for almost an hour and sat there with my camera to get that one perfect shot. I clicked about 5-7 decent pictures, I think, considering I only had a point and shoot camera at my disposal but the exercise in itself was really satisfying.



Sunlight thrugh a water bottle.

Sunlight through a water bottle.

Ice cubes.

Ice cubes.

Rain on an umbrella.

Rain on an umbrella.


Leaves during Rain.

Droplets on a rope.

Droplets on a rope.

Splashing Droplets,

Splashing Droplets.

At the end of the exercise, even though my teacher didn’t like it very much, I was in love with the pictures since it was the first time I had put real effort into photography. It had always seemed like a piece of cake to me but it was then that I realised that talent only grows if you nurture it, and that takes a lot of hard work and effort. Go try and challenge yourself in a field you love too and I assure you, you will look at it with a whole new angle.