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Recently, I came across this video by Afterglow by Wilkinson which has left a deep imprint on my mind. Why? Watch it first and then I will tell you.

Suppose all this were true? All these statistics and figures. Wouldn’t it make a perfect gift for your better half? Sorry, it would be more than perfect, a little creepy also maybe. LOL. Nevertheless, you can always fudge the statistics. After all its the thought that counts. How minutely they have captured the intricacies of a relationship is what amazed me and also their hilarious representations. I hope more videos come out like this, in different context. It would be thoroughly enjoyable.



Thanks to YouTube I came across this amazing song called “Warm on a Cold Night”. Before I begin talking about it, here is the video:

I know I am treading on thin ice when I start talking about Lesbian Relationships, because I have no authority to do so and also, it’s just an outsider’s perspective. But this video was just so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. The voice reminds me of Sweater Weather or maybe it’s the lyrics that are similar. What I noticed about the video is that nothing is said throughout, it’s just the song playing in the background and lights on the road passing by. They finally stop at a secluded parking area and take off their sweaters but it is not what you think it is. They get out of the car and start dancing together. I was so pleased with the way they have represented them, no male gaze in action and they seem to be having as much fun as we have watching their fluid movements. I thought that the girl who had a greater stature must be the one who was more in power but in the last scene of the video these assumptions are proven wrong. Both of them hold an equal standing in the relationship and the taller one looks at the other one adoringly. So much is shown and done without even doing anything. There is another song that I really loved which you might want to check out.

Sober Notes

In the warmth of your arms, I will find my summer.
In the moistness of your lips, I will find my rain.
In the colours of your eyes, I will find my autumn.
In the coldness of my voice, you will find the winter of it all.

Thoughts while watching Amy Schumer

I have to say this. She is the BEST stand-up comedian ever!

Not only is she funny, she is subtle, she is not offensive and she doesn’t thrive on the stereotypical jokes on racism, sexism and all the other -isms that you MUST not joke about. Like seriously, humour is about so much more than stereotypes.

Here are some of her quotes and my thoughts:

  • So I was watching this show and the beginning itself just blew me away. Porn from a girl’s perspective. Thankyou Amy! I am just so glad that someone is getting the word across about feminism in a way that is so accessible and fun.
  • “That’s how you drink when you’re younger – like a homeless person… some people still do it… you pee behind dumpsters: (So relatable) 😀
  • “She is just there faking herself, because that’s what you do when you start dating someone… you’re this projection of yourself… Let me just sweep this crazy under the rug for a few months, you don’t need to see it yet” (Can it get any more real?)
  • “We have all just been a little raped… It’s because men in their 20s are legally retarded” xD (Nice move, hard-hitting yet subtle)
  • Turning morning after pills into night before because you know you are giving out signals. (Note sarcastic tone)
  • How much women hate cum. Yes, you heard it. Man I can’t get over this woman!
  • “Fake orgasms are our [a woman’s] sweet way of saying ‘wrap it up!'” Hahaha!
  • Bedroom chronicles: “My style is like to . . . . . lay there.” 😀
  • Comparing a huge dick to a unicorn? FTW.

Please please go watch this. I guarantee you, you will love it!

Thoughts while watching Cutie and the Boxer

Before going any further I would like to suggest that you go watch the documentary “Cutie and the Boxer” because otherwise, maybe, nothing that follows will make sense. Believe me, even if you’re not a fan of documentaries, you will love this one.

Brief synopsis: A candid portrait of a 40-year marriage between Japanese “boxing” painter Ushio Shinohara and his wife, Noriko. Even if you’re not particularly fond of contemporary art, this doc shines a light on the anger, sacrifice and confrontation involved in an aging relationship. And you can’t help but fall in love with Noriko. (Credits: Huffington Post)

  • The title credits are displayed on the blank canvas that he is painting, while he is painting it. Amazing.
  • The cute little duck slippers that she gives to him as a birthday present and the candle shaped 3 even when it’s his 80th birthday. Little things like these make it special.
  • The fights they have and the misconceptions he holds, maybe. 😛 “The average has to be the assistant of the genius.”
  • Animated rendering of Cutie’s comics. Yay!
  • “You always say that your first work is the best.”
  • The tagline for his art show. Wham! Pow! Vroom! Such a kid at heart. ❤
  • Cutie on encountering Bullie’s bed when he takes her home for the first time: “What a dirty bed. . ., there is no sheet. . ., but art and love are more important.”
  • Virginia Woolf said “Female Artists need a little money and a room of their own to succeed.” My dear Noriko. ❤
  • Noriko tenderly placing cherry blossoms on Ushio’s forehead.
  • Norika while ordering supplies for making a bigger version of her artwork: “I need big brush because I am making big Cutieees.”
  • How she tells him outright, because they have that comfort level after 40 years of marriage: “I feel so free when you’re not around.”
  • Ushio, a few years back to a friend: “You’re so negative. You’ve got to be positive. Life is wonderful. When it’s blown to pieces, that’s when it becomes art. Art is messy and dirty when it pours out of you” Way to go Ushio. So aptly put, tragedy gives birth to inspiration and inspiration to art. And who gets to decide what is art. Whatever you think it is, it is that.
  • It comes out so clearly in their art, their personalities. Ushio is spontaneous and crazy, while Noriko pays attention to details and focuses on her work.
  • In the end its a combination of both their titles that makes it to the catalogue: “Love is a roarrrr.”
  • U: “Cutie hate Bullie?” N: “No Cutie loves Bullie so much.”
  • “Maybe being opposite helped us to accomplish something in the end.”

Cutie does win in the end 🙂

Poster for the Documentary

Poster for the Documentary

Thangka & House of Cards

I absolutely love this show and the characters. I think the relation between Frank and Claire is one of my all-time favourite on screen relationship! Season 3 ended just a few days back and like always there were some scenes that stuck! As a part of a research paper I was working on I was looking at forms of art that have made it into popular culture and one of them is Thangka. It’s a Tibetan Buddhist painting depicted a deity or mandala on cloth. The first time I encountered this artform was on my visit to McLeodganj in the Himachal region of India which houses hundreds of Tibetan refugees. Also, the previous resident of my hostel room left her remnants in the form of a Thangka poster pasted on my almirah (which also became the inspiration for this post in one of my several bouts of day-dreaming). So anyway, coming back to the point, check out this scene from House of Cards when the monks come to The White House as a part of a diplomatic visit:


Frank (on the note to Claire with a photo of the Mandala): My Love, nothing lasts forever, except us. ❤

This is probably one of those scenes that have left a deep impact on me. The sand mandala was created with such focus and minute attention to detail just like Frank and Claire build their lives for themselves by taking one step at a time, carefully. The masterpiece of the monks could be symbolic of the masterpiece that Frank now has i.e. being the President of United States with Claire as the first Lady. At the same time we also see how fragile that position is. We see that Frank wants to create a legacy through AmWorks but he doesn’t realise that in the end, when he dies, it won’t even matter. In the end, the monks just dust it all away. The act of building the masterpiece was a source of pleasure to them and once it was completed they had no qualms in just doing away with it. Maybe that’s a lesson that Frank and Claire should also learn. Or maybe it’s the sign of impending doom. Nevertheless whatever may be the reason, the picture that Frank sends to Claire in the end is a signifier of how badly he wants to preserve what he has.