The Burning House

If your house suddenly caught on fire, what would you grab as you fled out the door?

Visit this link to know more about “The Burning House”.

In the meanwhile, here is what I would take from my present house i.e. my hostel room.

HP T-shirt, Scrapbook and Journal, Wallet and Postcards.

HP T-shirt, Scrapbook and Journal, Wallet and Postcards. Couldn’t put in the crocs because they are dirty, jeans is in the laundry, too lazy to empty the sling bag and the camera was obviously being used to click the photo.

Name: Shreya Sachan

Age: 22

Location: Hostel Room, Mumbai, India

Occupation: Student


My journal and all the letters, photographs, postcards and dried rose petals that it has between its pages.

Scrapbook that a friend gave as a farewell gift.

Camera because its my most expensive possession.

Laptop because it has all the photographs that I have clicked in the last 8 years.

Copy of On the Road and Secrets of the Heart.

Harry Potter themed T-Shirt and a pair of Jeans and my crocs.

My sling bag.

Wallet that I bought in McLeodganj.