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Everything is a Remix (Remastered)

Amazing documentary which also talks about the history of Led Zeppelin, Star Wars, Kill Bill, Macintosh and so much more and how they were “INSPIRED”!


Everything is a Remix Remastered (2015 HD)

Kirby Ferguson:

In the five years since the series launched, Everything is a Remix has been viewed over two million times and produced a popular TED Talk. Amazingly, Remix continues to change the way people think about creativity, originality, and copyright.

To celebrate the five year anniversary, I’ve polished up the original four parts and merged them into a single video. For the first time now, the whole series is available as a single video with proper transitions all the way through, unified styling, and remixed and remastered audio. Part One has been entirely rebuilt in HD.

You can get some merchandise on Kickstarter, if you feel so inclined.

Over the years there have been many requests for Everything is a Remix merchandise and I’m taking this anniversary as an opportunity to finally produce some. With your support, we’ll do a run…

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Origami and Me

Roommate was patient enough to come up with these.

Roommate was patient enough to come up with these.

Today me and my roommate decided to decorate our room with origami. We looked at YouTube tutorials, all set with brightly coloured origami sheets but all in vain. The end results weren’t that fascinating as compared to those on the screen. We tried making swans and cranes and bunnies and we even looked at 3-D origami swans. Apparently it needs 1024 tiles to be completed. And the time we take to make 32 tiles from an A4 sheet of paper is approximately 15 minutes. So yeah, a very tough task lies ahead of us.

Even while we were watching these videos, they were so tough to follow. I was like “What kind of sorcery is this?”, “Fucking hell this is impossible!”, “I give up!”, etc. In the end I realised that it’s quite an exercise in patience, focus and hardwork. I was reminded of all the popular culture references, Claire making origami cranes in House of Cards and Michael Scofield in Prison Break. We were actually following a tutorial which supposedly would teach us how to make “The Prison Break Crane”. It was a fun exercise nevertheless, and we have decided to work on 2 pieces every week. Do tell me about good tutorials if you know any and post a link in the comments section. Thank you very much. 🙂

Will be adding the pictures of the failed attempts soon. Facing Camera problems at the moment.