40 Days of Dating

For everyone who has the slightest of interest in social experiments and relationship psychology – 40 Days of Dating will keep you in its spell from Day 1 to Day 40. Here is what their “About” reads:

What do you do when you’re tired of the prospect of dating? Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days.

Since both of them were designers, the website is a colourful journey of the 40 days, interspersed with beautiful typography of a moment or a scenario that stood out from that particular day. They answer the exact same questions about each other every day and it makes for an interesting read and some amazing material to define the human psychology. There are moments when you will relate with their situation, the trivial topics they sometimes fight over and the misunderstandings.

Here is the link to the website which you must scroll through even if you cannot read through it:

TBH, I think people who have been dating for quiet some while should answer these questions as well. It would probably give them a wholly new perspective on life and of course, on their relationship as well.


Writer’s Block Part 2

When you overcome it, you write this:

I was trapped between pages, crisp and white – the ink hadn’t even dried yet.
Between lines- handwritten with loops and curls made with love and care.
Between words – big and small that held so much more than meanings in the dictionaries.
And finally I got lost amidst punctuations – deep, dark and complicated, which almost burst through into the next page.
This was what life had come to. Would it be a full-stop or just an ellipsis? Was it the beginning of “The Ends” or was it just another “To be continued. . .”
The ink stains had started wearing off. The pages began turning frail and yellow.
Overcome the commas and don’t limit yourself within parentheses’. Exclaim with joy, find happiness wherever possible. Do not be afraid of questioning things. Don’ let the semicolons delay your journey to success and turn the period into the ellipsis which will guide your way.
Turn the page!
Start a new Chapter!

Life – Visualized

Recently, I came across this video by Afterglow by Wilkinson which has left a deep imprint on my mind. Why? Watch it first and then I will tell you.

Suppose all this were true? All these statistics and figures. Wouldn’t it make a perfect gift for your better half? Sorry, it would be more than perfect, a little creepy also maybe. LOL. Nevertheless, you can always fudge the statistics. After all its the thought that counts. How minutely they have captured the intricacies of a relationship is what amazed me and also their hilarious representations. I hope more videos come out like this, in different context. It would be thoroughly enjoyable.

Documentary Fever


Poster for Ai Weiwei

images (1)

Poster for Waste Land

So today after a long time we had our Visual Media class and hence I have stuff to write. We were shown two movies: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry and Wasteland.

Must watch documentaries for art and culture enthusiasts! I need not give you the summary since

you will easily find it anywhere. I will just talk about some things that struck me.

Ai Weiwei is a beautiful and intriguing documentary about the struggle of a Chinese artist and activist. He beautifully expresses the need for individualism in his art. The thing that struck me the most was the destruction of neo-lithic vases by him. It was really intriguing because when someone commented on how it happens everyday when the world destruct something or the other, I realised that how even culture is a social construct. It doesn’t matter if we destruct something that’s really old and antique because what we are destroying today could also be antique some day if preserved.

Then there was this other movie, Wasteland made on the art of Vik Muniz. I am sure anyone who watches the movie would be struck by the character of the old man and his quote that “Ninety nine can never be hundred.” What I gathered from it was that you either give your all or it is thing at all. To get something you want, this is the least minimum you are expected to do but then there is again the fact that this least minimum actually demands perfection that is hundred!

What Perfect looks like!

Give me your memories,
I’ll put them in a jar.
I’ll mix some love
And add some happiness.

I’ll do the same
And give you a jar of mine.
Take out the thorns,
But leave some bitterness.

When we mix them together,
It would look what PERFECT looks like.

Clicked this picture ages ago. Somehow suits the lines. Yay! :)

Clicked this picture ages ago. Somehow suits the lines. Yay! 🙂

Open letter to Mumbai

Dear Mumbai,

There is no other city I have ever been to which has as many shades as you. The spectrum of  colours just isn’t enough to define your characteristics. The day I met you, you bewildered me with your speed and intensity. You intrigued me and I was in awe of you. Slowly, with time, you warmed up to me and I reached out for your hand of friendship. But then suddenly, you withdrew and displayed you hidden hues. I was alone again. I have never before experienced the freedom that you gave me, I will give you that. But all that disappears when you want to punish me. You gave me so many beautiful days and even more beautiful nights at the seaside. We rejoiced in the shower of rains and the winters, though negligible, was my favourite time with you. I plead to you to be kinder to those who love you. I know it is not in your hands to control what the people who depend upon you do, only if there was some way you could punish them too. Mumbai, you have been good and bad, an angel and the devil, a hand in need and a hand that pushes away, I cannot ever describe my exact relation with you.

Myself at Aksa Beach.

Myself at Aksa Beach.

But these bittersweet memories and this love-hate relationship are something I would never give up for anything in the world.