Everyone’s a host?

I binge watched 6 episodes of Black Mirror just a few weeks ago and I wasn’t ready for Westworld at all! This, everyone, is the golden age of Sci-Fi, I believe. We are a selfie-taking, thumbs-stuck-to-keypad, eyes-stuck-to-the-screen generation of people. Even when we are having the best time of our lives without technology, we are constantly thinking of updating it on our social media. Are we at the verge of an apocalypse? That’s what these shows seem to say in any case and  they seem so close to reality that it’s unnerving.

Black Mirror with its first episode “Nosedive” talks about how people are judged by the “likes” and the ratings they have online! The ending will make you question every social media presence you have and the reason for it.

I will not delve into the further episodes but if there is something you should watch right now it’s this one show!

Coming to Westworld,I just binge watched through the seven episodes that have already aired and I don’t know how many are yet to come but I AM HOOKED! And also, welcome Anthony Hopkins! YAY! Jurassic Park was nothing in comparison to what this nightmare by Crichton holds in store for you. Thrilling, enchanting and to say the least, engaging. I have been going through every Post Episode Discussion Thread on Reddit after every episode and literally gaping at the theories that people have. It will make you question what is real and what isn’t? This is one show that I am really really looking forward to following through till the end. I just hope it doesn’t end up being like LOST.



True Detective

Season 2 of this amazing show has started and despite the fact that we don’t have Matthew McConaughey any more, the show is as intriguing and exciting as before.

What I like:

  • We have Rachel McAdams in a role that I have never seen her in before.
  • Amazing dialogue delivery as before.
  • The conversation that take place in the car. Just the characters have been replaced.
  • A soundtrack which will definitely make it to your everyday playlist.
  • Who does their beginning credits, because they are beautiful!
  • Taylor Kitsch is kind of hot! (Loved the scene where he was determined to drive to death, such complex characters, kudos to Pizzolatto)

What I miss:

  • Matthew McConaughey.
  • Matthew McConaughey with a six pack miller on his side and the way he smoked Camels.
  • Is it just me or has the plot become harder to follow?

Only three episodes are out by now and I will keep adding to this list, I guess.

Also, favourite song from the show by far:

This is my least favourite life by Lera Lynn. Here’s an equally amazing cover.

“My Least Favorite Life”

This is my least favorite life
The one where you fly and I don’t
A kiss holds a million deceits
And a lifetime goes up in smoke
This is my least favorite you
Who floats far above earth and stone
The nights that I twist on the rack
Is the time that I feel most at homeWe’re wandering in the shade
And the rustle of fallen leaves
A bird on the edge of a blade
Lost now forever, my love, in a sweet memory

The station pulls away from the train
The blue pulls away from the sky
The whisper of two broken wings
May be they’re yours, maybe they’re mine
This is my least favorite life
The one where I am out of my mind
The one where you are just out of reach
The one where I stay and you fly

I’m wandering in the shade
And the rustle of fallen leaves
A bird on the edge of the blade
Lost now forever, my love, in a sweet memory

Season 2 Tagline.

Season 2 Tagline.