Book Store Visits

If there’s one thing I could spend eternity doing it is this! It is an absolute pleasure for me to roam around in book stores, aimlessly, looking at books, sometimes smelling them. I have obviously lost count of the number of book stores and libraries that I have been to but I remember where and when I bought each book that I possess. After all every book is like a baby.

Let me tell you, not all book store are the same. You can judge a book store solely by one section in the store. For instance, I have been to several ‘Crossword’, ‘Landmark’, etc. book stores and all of them house the exact same books. But there was this one book store in Bandra, a quaint little one, and the owner had handpicked every book on the shelf and God was it amazing! I had heard about every book there and all of them had good reviews from people who had read them. It wasn’t even like I had only seen them online or in passing. He even had special books on Mumbai which are hard to be found anywhere else.

Then there is the Book Market near Flora Fountain in Colaba, a heaven for broke bibliophiles. You name it, and they have almost always got it, for prices as low as a Wodehouse Omnibus for 300 bucks. If you can’t find anything specific just go to “Kitaabkhana” nearby and place your order and they will even call you when they get that book in stock.

There was also one book store in Kasol which I really really wanted to visit. Every cafe you went to, people were reading one book or another and since the Israelis who frequent that place live there for several months, the book store was the only place that could provide them with good literature at a place as inaccessible as Kasol. So if anybody manages to find that place open some day, please buy me a book from there, I will be forever in debt. Though I have to confess I was more curious about the genius notes that the potheads had scribbled than in the books itself. 😀


The First Trip

Taken at Neemrana Fort Palace.

Taken at Neemrana Fort Palace.

I never knew that the decision to go to a trip with three crazy guys would be a catalyst for many more trips to come and hell this was an amazing one. To all those who live in New Delhi, this quaint little town is too humble to boast about the beauties it veils amidst its hills. It is just a few hours away from Delhi and the main attraction is the Neemrana Fort which was built in 1464 A. D. It is the perfect weekend destination for those who want to get away from the busy city life and also those who love adventure. The fort has now been converted to a fort-resort with rooms and facilities that will make you feel like royalty. Flying Fox which organises adventure sports all around the country, has now also come to Neemrana and provides the facility of ziplining over the hills surrounding the fort. The picturesque-ness of it all will definitely leave you breathless. The Flying Fox Team will be there by your side all the while and they are a really fun group of people who will entertain you throughout the ride.

Sunset at Neemrana

Sunset at Neemrana

The moment that stole the show for me was the sunset. Set between the hills, it is like a wall of fog envelops it as the sun sets. The rays spread out till as far as you can see. The spread of tiny houses until the horizon, and the sun setting behind it, is as beautiful a scene as you can experience in a lifetime!