40 Days of Dating

For everyone who has the slightest of interest in social experiments and relationship psychology – 40 Days of Dating will keep you in its spell from Day 1 to Day 40. Here is what their “About” reads:

What do you do when youโ€™re tired of the prospect of dating? Two good friends with opposite relationship problems found themselves single at the same time. As an experiment, they dated for 40 days.

Since both of them were designers, the website is a colourful journey of the 40 days, interspersed with beautiful typography of a moment or a scenario that stood out from that particular day. They answer the exact same questions about each other every day and it makes for an interesting read and some amazing material to define the human psychology. There are moments when you will relate with their situation, the trivial topics they sometimes fight over and the misunderstandings.

Here is the link to the website which you must scroll through even if you cannot read through it:

TBH, I think people who have been dating for quiet some while should answer these questions as well. It would probably give them a wholly new perspective on life and of course, on their relationship as well.



Thoughts while watching Amy Schumer

I have to say this. She is the BEST stand-up comedian ever!

Not only is she funny, she is subtle, she is not offensive and she doesn’t thrive on the stereotypical jokes on racism, sexism and all the other -isms that you MUST not joke about. Like seriously, humour is about so much more than stereotypes.

Here are some of her quotes and my thoughts:

  • So I was watching this show and the beginning itself just blew me away. Porn from a girl’s perspective. Thankyou Amy! I am just so glad that someone is getting the word across about feminism in a way that is so accessible and fun.
  • “That’s how you drink when you’re younger – like a homeless person… some people still do it… you pee behind dumpsters: (So relatable) ๐Ÿ˜€
  • “She is just there faking herself, because that’s what you do when you start dating someone… you’re this projection of yourself… Let me just sweep this crazy under the rug for a few months, you don’t need to see it yet” (Can it get any more real?)
  • “We have all just been a little raped… It’s because men in their 20s are legally retarded” xD (Nice move, hard-hitting yet subtle)
  • Turning morning after pills into night before because you know you are giving out signals. (Note sarcastic tone)
  • How much women hate cum. Yes, you heard it. Man I can’t get over this woman!
  • “Fake orgasms are our [a woman’s] sweet way of saying ‘wrap it up!'” Hahaha!
  • Bedroom chronicles: “My style is like to . . . . . lay there.” ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Comparing a huge dick to a unicorn? FTW.

Please please go watch this. I guarantee you, you will love it!