If you were a book

If you were a book,
I would bookmark
all the good memories.
I would cover you in the finest jackets
And keep you at a place nearest my heart.

Everywhere I went
beaches or mountains
you would be there by my side.
A book that precious
could neither be exchanged nor replaced.

I would mark the first page with my name
and leave little notes on the rest.
Every night before going to sleep
I would look at those notes
under the light of the moon.

My favourite passage would be read
on the day that I die.
And even that wouldn’t be the end
because the sequel would yet remain to be read.


Everybody Reading books (formerly Hot Guys Reading Books)

So I was surfing the web aimlessly (as usual) and I came across this Tumblr page: Everybody Reading Books. I could just spend hours and hours going through the posts on this page! There are poetry readings by Ben Whishaw, pictures of people reading at the most unusual places, beautiful quotes about reading, adorable memes on books and so much more. All these pictures gave way to a many different streams of thoughts.

I wondered about all the times I have seen a person reading and wondered how they would be like in life, based on the book they were reading. I have always asked fellow book-lovers about the books they would want to recommend me to read and surely, even that has a lot to say about the kind of people they are.

While watching movies, there are several instances when a person is reading a book. I think that the director has a solid reason behind why he places a particular book at a particular time in a particular way in the scene. One such movie that I remember is Interstellar where the bookshelf is a very important part of the movie’s plot. You can check out this link to know more and more. In short, the books in the shelf housed some books which were also the names of the characters in the movie. There were poems by T. S. Eliot talking about concepts of space and time, One Hundred Years of Solitude (for obvious reasons), etc. I am sure Nolan had a reason behind placing each book there. I believe like a picture says a thousand words, a book also says a thousand things about the person who is reading it.

Here is a list of movie characters reading books in a movie. Go check it out. I am sure it will be interesting to figure out how the movie’s plot is related to the book that appears in the movie.


A picture from the initial post.

10 things that happen to me while reading a book

  1. Where the hell is my bookmark, again.
  2. Must highlight this, so beautiful.
  3. Oh my god, this book is the best book I have ever read.
  4. Why God why? Why does this always happen to people I love.
  5. I can’t believe I loved them. This other character is so much better.
  6. I wondered what they were thinking when they designed this cover.
  7. I wish someone would dedicate a book to me someday,
  8. Writing must be a tough job. I make 15 errors in a single page!
  9. Done with another book, what a crazy ride.
  10. Time to rate and review on Goodreads. 😀

    Book Shopping Sprees. Such a stress buster. Favourite-est thing ever. <3

    Book Shopping Sprees. Such a stress buster. Favourite-est thing ever. ❤

High Notes

And the river said stop but the mountains said no. Or was it the other way round. Whatever it was, a valley was born. The clouds sinked in and formed a crown. The snow fell down to be their blanket. The fishes dived in to make their homes. The trees grew longer and greener and left a path. The human could follow and reach the place, the mortals call heaven.

Wabi Sabi

A Japanese world view or aesthetic centred on the existence of transience and imperfection.

There’s so much in the world to know and yet instead of using our time to discover all these beautiful things, we instead waste it in mindless activities. The most mindless of them being war and violence. Easier said than done, I know. But we are allowed to voice our opinions at all times aren’t we.

Coming back to the world. I am a big fan of Haruki Murakami and Kazuo Ishiguro, as well as Japanese Mangas. At the same time I have seen a documentary called Sans Soleil (which means Sunless in French). I really wonder what kind of a world it really is. It seems too far to relate to at any level. One of the items in my bucket list is thus a trip to Japan.

This is just a random rant about things unrelated. So I am going to a book I read long back – ‘An artist of the floating world’ by Kazuo Ishiguro. I always wondered what the world was. Was it like the floating island of Laputa of Gulliver’s Travels or something else altogether. Turned out it was the famous woodblock prints of Japan known as ‘Ukiyo’ or ‘pictures of the floating world’. This culture developed in the red light district of modern day Tokyo in the days when it was called Edo and thus it often depicted scenes of kabuki actors, prostitutes (inspiration for modern day hentai?), geishas, samurais, etc. Funny how art begins at improbable places.

So, here was a trailer to my bucket list and a preview of my dreams of being a traveller to satiate my curiosity. Sayonara.

An example

A painting from that era