The 420 Playlist – Hindi

  • Oopar Oopar Renn De – A real fun song with amazing lyrics and lessons for life. The monologue in between is specially hilarious!

  • Babaji by Mohit Chauhan – Mesmerising, beautiful and full of Nostalgia for all those who have been to the beautiful Parvati Valley.

  • Banao Banao by Papon – I think Papon is just fooling us when he says that it’s not his song. 😉

  • Babaji Ki Booti from Go, Goa, Gone – This unplugged version, I feel, is way better than the original.

  • Dum Maaro Dum – The original one. Check out the foreigners in the background, wth is going on? 😀

  • Manali Trance – I love the beats, let’s just ignore Honey Singh for once.

  • Main Zindagi ka Saath – A soothing song for those times when you want to go back into time. 🙂

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