I know it’s a strange title for a blog post but this is very very important. It is a journey. A journey traced through beds. So as told earlier, I have been travelling a lot and here is a description of all the beds I slept in.

Hostel Bed, Mumbai –  So that is home for now, my comfortable little bed facing a window where I sit with my laptop all day owing to the amazing internet connection with a cable charging my phone through the laptop because the architects were dumb enough to place 10 electric sockets at one single point in the room. Super tiny bed, but I like it because it’s mine. Best bed for now..

Friends’ Flat, Mumbai – I doze off on the sofa, I am told to sleep inside the room. Too sleepy to argue, walk like a zombie to the bedroom, put my mattress near the friends’ flatmates’ mattress. There is some shoving and pushing in the night and I think I slapped that person in my sleep while turning over. Well, very comfy bed, room is a little humid, but never mind.

Train Berth, Side Upper, Mumbai Rajdhani – A bag lay at my feet because I couldn’t leave it anywhere else because it would get stolen of course – Indian Railways, duh! Very uncomfortable, very cold, must remember bringing own blanket next time because this one had bed bugs and smelled strange.

Hostel Room, JNU, Delhi – Shared a bed with a friend in her Hostel Room. I sleep like a log because I am always tired for some reason or the other. Super comfortable and super clean bed – very much unlike mine. Friend keeps getting conscious that I am not comfortable and I have to keep reminding her that I sleep like the world doesn’t exist. Only con – No power point nearby. Network access only at the head of the bed. Yes, JNU is weird like that.

Another Hostel Room in JNU – This one was on the ground floor of another hostel, very cool and the corridor was very silent. No crying babies in the morning. Took my own blanket, power plug at the head of the bed, where network was available. Brownie points to this huge ass bed, I could only cover 25 percent of it.

Hotel Room, Kasol – I take up the best location on the side because hello, elder sister. View on waking up – of the mountains. Blanket is a little smelly, curse self for not bringing own blanket. All in all, satisfactory.

Friend’s Flat Delhi – Yay, a bed of my own. I clean it and make it and sleep on it. It takes me half an hour to spread the sheets properly and constant nagging at people who step over it, to keep it clean. Second best bed for now! 😀

Train to Home, Lucknow Mail – Side Upper again – This time the emergency stop alarm thingy is right next to my knees and whenever I turn it bangs into the walls and makes a loud noise. Thank God I brought my blanket. Indian Railways is lame. Sorry, not sorry.

Home, Lucknow – Back to the most comfortable bed, logically but it takes me so much time to sleep on it, because I am not tired anymore, because Home and Maa ke haath ka “healthy” khaana. Will give it two more days.

Good Night! 😀

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