Will this pain ever end, this unbearable pain?
I close my eyes, want to disappear right then.
End this pain or end this inspiration.
I have had enough of this mortal being.
Take me to a place where pain doesn’t exist.
Let go, let it be and let me hold your hand,
As together we make our way to a land,
Where no one has ever been to before.
A place where I would sleep till eternity.
Even after time completes infinite circles,
Because this life has completed its own.
All i want now is for this pain to end.
This crevasse wont heal on its own,
Not in a world like this.
Lets go, lets go, to our new world,
A brand new world for a brand new us.
All cracks healed, all pains left behind.
I will put an end to this meaningless existence.
Finally the heart of life lets go of the life of the heart.
I float through those realms to meet you halfway,
And we depart to our world hand in hand,
To put an end to this desolate search for nothing.


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