Movie Review: Broken

For starters, it beats Boyhood! It is a lesser known but beautiful movie about the story of a 12-year-old girl who tries to figure out things about life, love and everything else. The story is actually not just about her, but life in general. She witnesses the unravelling of various adult relationships and the dilemmas that a child in the world today faces about what to accept and what to let go, how to behave and how not to. The portrayal of instinctiveness and innocence of the protagonist Skunk (Emily) is just adorable.

The movie is shot very well, it begins with the interrelated stories of 3 neighbours and the motifs in the story are sewn in so well, you won’t even see the stitches. Skunk goes on to be the connecting thread in all these stories and her story is an absolutely intriguing one. There is tension and drama throughout the movie but also points where she will make you fall in love with her despite everything so much so that you can’t find faults in the perfection that a child carries by default.

“There are different moments in your life, some of them are sad but most of them are happy.”

Spoilers ahead.
What I loved:
The twins and their bag of shit, the lair that Skunk makes for herself, her first experience of love and sex, her brother’s naivety in thinking he could father a child at such a young age and how her lady love, another father who fails at parenting after the loss of her wife, the crane and falling cars, the lights shutting down after her supposed death, the old man at the asylum who mimics everyone, the horrendous realisation when the girl shuts the door and turns back after aborting her baby. Basically I am just in love with the movie. It is a sincere request to everyone reading this to go watch it! Skunk won’t let you down.


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