Remembering a Night in Delhi

The sound of crickets chirping, the fan rotating slowly over my head, making that noise without which it is hard to sleep now. A stupid stray mosquito buzzes past my ear, disturbing my stream of thought. The moon is exactly half tonight, the red tint gives it a bloodshot appearance that I love, which reminds me of a time gone by when I used to sit in the courtyards of college with my headphones on. The sky of Delhi was tinted red completely. The cool breeze during those beautiful nights remind me of that golden period. Even at that time, I realised the importance of those moments and tried to instil every second into my memory, but when has recapitulation ever served as an equivalent to actually living up the moment. Those nights and these nights. So much has changed but some things remain the same forever. The sky is still the same, the same moonlight falls upon the same skin. The only thing that has changed tonight is the red tint that the sky has now transferred to the moon. Maybe it’s the moon’s magnanimity to take upon itself the blame of the sky. After all they have been together since eternity, and maybe that is also an explanation for the blows it has received, that now exist in the form of craters on its surface.

Those were the days... I mean nights. <3

Those were the days… I mean nights. ❤

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