Documentary Fever


Poster for Ai Weiwei

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Poster for Waste Land

So today after a long time we had our Visual Media class and hence I have stuff to write. We were shown two movies: Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry and Wasteland.

Must watch documentaries for art and culture enthusiasts! I need not give you the summary since

you will easily find it anywhere. I will just talk about some things that struck me.

Ai Weiwei is a beautiful and intriguing documentary about the struggle of a Chinese artist and activist. He beautifully expresses the need for individualism in his art. The thing that struck me the most was the destruction of neo-lithic vases by him. It was really intriguing because when someone commented on how it happens everyday when the world destruct something or the other, I realised that how even culture is a social construct. It doesn’t matter if we destruct something that’s really old and antique because what we are destroying today could also be antique some day if preserved.

Then there was this other movie, Wasteland made on the art of Vik Muniz. I am sure anyone who watches the movie would be struck by the character of the old man and his quote that “Ninety nine can never be hundred.” What I gathered from it was that you either give your all or it is thing at all. To get something you want, this is the least minimum you are expected to do but then there is again the fact that this least minimum actually demands perfection that is hundred!

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