Cha collections.

One of my favourite places in Delhi! ❤


The Oxford Bookstore does not only house an immense collection of books, quirky seasonal nitbits but is also house to one of the best book cafes of Delhi – Cha Bar.

DSC_0041 This crazy, huge light fixture is a part of the minimal ambiance that Cha Bar offers. Marble table tops and no fuss chairs with spools of chuckling and abuzz with tales.

DSC_0036 Another signature trademark of the book cafe are the flowers placed on each table in a cut marble stone.


Their latest acquisition Their latest acquisition

DSC_0204 They offer a wide variety of ch – ranging from exotic Indian ones to International flavours. This one here is the bollywood masala cha served in an equally dramatic kettle.

DSC_0077 Chicken hoisin wrap – crispy chicken rashers tossed in the savoury hoisin sauce and wrapped to perfection.

DSC_0142 Smoked chicken and celery club sandwich with tempting chicken and egg- the celery dressing was especially gratifying.

IMAG5673 You…

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