On a cloudy afternoon

Wrote this on a windy afternoon at the Safderjung Tomb, Delhi. 

In the chaos of the city, I found silence, amidst nature. These small pockets of Earth in its natural form, though not devoid of human influence… the cool breeze after a midnight shower of rain, the dried leaves of trees brushing past your skin on their way to kiss the ground… squirrels prancing about in search of food… insects, one-tenth the size of your finger nail sliding across the pages of your notebook… so frail that when you sweep them away, they leave marks on the blank page… red ants, black ants, multicolored insects… a circle of motherly shade around you from the tree that supports you… you take pictures but they can never be as fresh and as green as the leaves below your feet… the ant that traverses that labyrinth of leaves can never be as lively on film as in that moment before your eyes… neither will the sunlight filtering through the leaves, on to the page you’re writing on, ever feel that warm or yellow again. Cherish nature, live it, love it.

At Safderjung Tomb, Delhi.

At Safderjung Tomb, Delhi.


  1. The mideaval tombs in Delhi have always been a great place to write for me. It’s as if centuries of Mughal patronage of art and culture still lives, seeping through the cracks of those ruining stones – the crumbling structures a crutch to the decaying soul of an artist.

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