Nostalgia Trip: Nickelodeon

I don’t know how many of you remember the time when NICKELODEON used to have the best shows for kids.

There was Legends of the Hidden Temple, Global Guts, Rugrats, Monsters Aaaah! Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, Rocko’s Modern Life, Kenan and Kel, CatDog,The Amanda Show, Blue’s Clues, Chalk Zone… and the list just goes on and on.

I was taken back to the time when I begged my Mom to cook me a bowl of maggi and plop down in front of the TV when my favourite shows were going to come on. These are some of my favourite memories from when I was seven years old. What happened was that during that time, my cable operator gave access to Nick for a week. I was hooked! And then he suddenly disconnected it. My grief at that point is just indescribable and then thankfully we shifted to Bangalore where I could access it all the time and that too in English!

There was so much that was new to me in those shows. It was a whole new cultural experience and definitely my first exposure to western culture.

I loved the coins that OldMac used to give out in Legends and I still play the Steps of Knowledge, then there was Rugrats, oh I hated Angellica soooo much! There was Arnold, the cutest boy ever, and Helga, a character framed so well, a reminder of a phase that every teenager goes through, the conundrum of love and hate. The crazy fights between cat and dog, what a concept, I wanted to be on Global Guts and climb that mountain and press all those buzzers!

When I was watching all these shows online yesterday I was reminded of how much I loved them and like Kel said “Awwh Here it goes again!”

A collage of 90s Nickelodeon Shows

A collage of 90s Nickelodeon Shows

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