Thoughts on Kahlil Gibran

Let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.

Such profound lines. Kahlil Gibran is one of those writers who leaves you dumbfounded for words. I have read a few of his works – ‘The Prophet’ and ‘The Secrets of the Heart’. Needless to say, he expresses the beauty of the world in just a few words.

Here are some more of his lines that will make you fall in love with his writing:

  • A true hermit goes to the wilderness to find -not to lose himself.
  • I often picture myself living on a mountain top, in the most stormy country in the world. Is there such a place? If there is I shall go to it someday and turn my heart into pictures and poems.
  • What is poetry? An extension of vision – and music is an extension of hearing.
  • Knowledge is life with wings.
  • You listen so much more than I can say. You hear consciousness. You go with me where the words I say can’t carry you.

It is amazing how much I can relate to him even now in this age even when he wrote all this long ago. My love for travelling and trekking comes out through the first line. It was then when I found myself, found love and so many other things.

It has always been a dream to settle down in the mountains, sometime in my life, disconnected from the rest of the world. Just me, my books and my writing. The second line says all that for me.

The next line brings out my love for poetry and music. Even though I am not a poet in the true sense of the word, I like to express myself through as little as can be said, and that is what poetry is for me, who decides the exact definition of it anyway. Music takes me to another world all together. Our five sense are forever in action, only at rest when we sleep. But still there are moments of high when a particular kind of sound, sight, smell, touch and taste transport you to another world altogether.

The fourth line is extremely inspiring, owing to my never ending curiosity for knowledge, to know more and to learn more. Everything I am today, I owe to my education. The simple fact that I am writing this blog right now is also because of knowledge. Knowledge of a writer who I came across and learnt to love.

The last line is perhaps my favourite. Its about how that one person knows your being and soul and mind so well that they are always aware of what your consciousness is thinking or saying. A relation like that is difficult to achieve and lucky are those who reach that level. The last line leaves me confused. It has several meanings I could think of. I will leave it to you to decipher it your own way. 🙂



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