Leave yourself behind. . .


Credits: The Internet

There are so many connotations attached to the picture and it’s beautiful in ways that words can’t express. The colors could be the thoughts of the girl, or even the feelings and emotions. She lets it flow out into the world, in this case, onto paper, in order to leave her mark on the world.

Is it not what all of us are trying to do. The bane or boon of existentialism, whatever you want to consider it, is so strong upon us that all we try during our lifetime is a method to leave our remnants behind in some form. Well, here is my own version of trying to do so.

In an exercise in class we were talking about how famous artists like Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso etc left their remnants in the form of artwork. What we leave behind will all be digital and nothing tangible. So maybe here is a reminder to all of you out there that even if you pour your being out on these blogs, save something tangible and more personal for your journals. 🙂



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