Open letter to Mumbai

Dear Mumbai,

There is no other city I have ever been to which has as many shades as you. The spectrum of  colours just isn’t enough to define your characteristics. The day I met you, you bewildered me with your speed and intensity. You intrigued me and I was in awe of you. Slowly, with time, you warmed up to me and I reached out for your hand of friendship. But then suddenly, you withdrew and displayed you hidden hues. I was alone again. I have never before experienced the freedom that you gave me, I will give you that. But all that disappears when you want to punish me. You gave me so many beautiful days and even more beautiful nights at the seaside. We rejoiced in the shower of rains and the winters, though negligible, was my favourite time with you. I plead to you to be kinder to those who love you. I know it is not in your hands to control what the people who depend upon you do, only if there was some way you could punish them too. Mumbai, you have been good and bad, an angel and the devil, a hand in need and a hand that pushes away, I cannot ever describe my exact relation with you.

Myself at Aksa Beach.

Myself at Aksa Beach.

But these bittersweet memories and this love-hate relationship are something I would never give up for anything in the world.




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