A slice of time

A slice of time

A slice of time. Credits: Myself

I clicked this picture almost exactly a year back for my assignment. The assignment was a photo essay on whatever theme I wanted. Since it was the monsoon season, I thought what other theme could be better than water. I took pictures of water droplets, reflections on water, condensed water droplets on windows and I even dropped water in a huge glass bowl for almost an hour and sat there with my camera to get that one perfect shot. I clicked about 5-7 decent pictures, I think, considering I only had a point and shoot camera at my disposal but the exercise in itself was really satisfying.



Sunlight thrugh a water bottle.

Sunlight through a water bottle.

Ice cubes.

Ice cubes.

Rain on an umbrella.

Rain on an umbrella.


Leaves during Rain.

Droplets on a rope.

Droplets on a rope.

Splashing Droplets,

Splashing Droplets.

At the end of the exercise, even though my teacher didn’t like it very much, I was in love with the pictures since it was the first time I had put real effort into photography. It had always seemed like a piece of cake to me but it was then that I realised that talent only grows if you nurture it, and that takes a lot of hard work and effort. Go try and challenge yourself in a field you love too and I assure you, you will look at it with a whole new angle.

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