Here are some favourite pages that I saved over the years.

Reminder: It’s a Japanese Manga series, please read from left to right. 🙂


The Parting Goodbye. I love how Rukia is fading and Ichigo always towers over her like a loving and protective figure. One of my favourite ‘couples’ if I can call them so. She let go of him so easily, maybe because she knew he will come back.


Tite Kubo can only be called a pure genius for coming up with theories like these. Everything has a soul. Every ‘single’ thing! And the soul in it helps you to enhance your ability of using it.3Another one where Rukia is fading but at the same time it looks aesthetically pleasing and is pointing towards a turn that the story is going to take.5

A picture of Ichigo that I totally adore because Shinigamis rule. 😛

Death and Strawberry FTW. 6Piercing tears fill the empty hole left in the heart – Self-explanatory. But how beautiful is the imagery, the heart has a hole because of the sorrow, the tears take place of the hole left behind, and try to make the heart whole again.


Once again we have our hero is full pomp to save the day.


When the body dies, it returns to dust, but where do our hearts go? They return to their companions. Word.9

Don’t avert your eyes from anything – not from a nightmare, not from reality. Something that we could really apply in our everyday life. 10I hate loneliness, but it Loves me. I would really love to know who comes up with the titles for these mangas. They sometimes enchant me more than the comic itself. Take your time and get lost in the open-ended phrases which offer a plethora of meanings.

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