Words Part 2

Chai at Cha Bar. Credits: https://rakrup.wordpress.com

Chai at Cha Bar.
Credits: https://rakrup.wordpress.com

In accordance with requests from a someone special:

When the roads seem to be turning just round the next bend, and you want to know what lies ahead. Just imagine the possibilities, let your imagination run wild. There could be a waterfall with sparkling droplets of water forming a rainbow passing through its midst, there could be a tea-seller with the most amazing elaichi tea served in small clay cups that smell like heaven, there could be someone you had wanted to meet since a long time but the obstacles of the world had stopped you from doing the same, maybe there is a friend who is not yet a friend, maybe you will strike a conversation with him over tea and be together for years to come, maybe when you step beyond the turn, there is a whole different world waiting for you, mountains and valleys and lush green trees shining in all their glory, maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t, maybe the road is just like another road, but maybe, just maybe, you could dream on and imagine and maybe then, it could be the best path you had taken.

Inspired by My Favourite Things, The Sound of Music.


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